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South Georgia
The Island of South Georgia lies at the Southern extreme of the South Atlantic Ocean, on the edge of the cold Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica. 600 miles from the nearest land, the Falkland Islands, it was the scene of remote seal and whale hunting over the past three centuries. Many died in these harsh industries and were buried on the island, far from home. The hunting has stopped but the men still lie buried here.

The Cemeteries
The main cemeteries are at the abandoned whaling stations of Leith, Stromness, Husvik, Grytviken, Prince Olav Harbour, and Ocean Harbour. There are undoubtedly unmarked graves in other sites on the island. There is also a known grave site at Godthul (rediscovered in 2006/7).

Some graves have no markers, so we do not know who is buried there. In other cases, records exist for a person, but we do not know where he is buried.

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